Jack Balkin's presentation at our conference

Jack Balkin registered online for our hybrid conference. In his presentation, he highlighted how social media platforms manipulate, block content and users, and influence people through algorithms in ways that are different from the 20th century. Service providers are looking at users' plans and using them to influence them. A new approach to regulation is needed to protect consumers and reduce vulnerability.

In his view the basic problem with social media prop forums and especially the largest ones Facebook and its family of companies in Youtube is that their business models create bad incentives. And these bad incentives in turn cause them to pursue profits at the expense of undermining the health and vibrancy of the digital public sphere. And this creates harms to democracy, to public health and to physical safety. Now, it's also true that these companies, most of which are headquartered in the United States and have American ownership tended about less attention to countries outside the United States and Europe and that makes the harms worse in those countries.

The full presentation is available here: