Our researchers contribute to the expansion of the Online Legal Encyclopedia

On March 8, 2023, the first workshop of the "Legal Issues of the Information Society" section of the Online Legal Encyclopedia project was held at the University of Public Service.

The Online Legal Encyclopedia is an online platform which aims to present the current state of knowledge of the entire Hungarian legal science and to create a free, reliable knowledge base in order to improve the Hungarian legal culture. The knowledge base is primarily intended for legal professionals, but it can also be useful for non-professionals interested in law.

The finished encyclopaedia is expected to contain nearly one and a half thousand articles, divided into thirty-one sections in different areas of law, with the contribution of around five hundred authors. The articles go through several control phases before publication, one step of which is a written opinion or a verbal opinion during a manuscript discussion from an external expert appointed by the editor of the section.

On the first occasion of a series of workshops on section"Legal Issues of the Information Society", edited by Bernát Török and Zsolt Ződi, the participants discussed the draft of the following six articles:
- Legal issues of the data economy (Author: András Pünkösty)
- Automation of legal work (Author: Péter Homoki)
- Information society and criminal law (Author: Kinga Sorbán)
- Regulation of cybersecurity (Author: Tamás Szádeczky)
- Legal issues of the information society (Author: Zsolt Ződi)
- Electronic identification and signature (Author: Zsolt György Balogh)

The texts were made available to participants in advance, so they were not presented during the event. Instead, the opponents first summarised their opinions on each article, which were then responded to first by the participants and then by the authors.

Photo: Dénes Szilágyi