Bernát Török, PhD
Head of Institute, research fields: freedom of speech and social media, prospects of national regulations in the online world, algorithmic decisionmaking




Árpád Rab, PhD
Senior Researcher, research fields: digital culture, social media, artificial intelligence, blockchain, personal and institutional information-management



Zsolt Ződi, PhD
Senior Researcher, research fields: sharing economy and regulation, artificial intelligence




Attila Menyhárd, PhD
Research Professor, research fields: artificial intelligence liability issues, data economy in general and in certain industrial and service sectors, impact of technology revolution on state role




András Pünkösty, PhD
Researcher, research fields: digital markets and sharing economy from the view of competition law, regulatory prospects of algorithms, ethical aspects of Big Data technics



Pál Vadász, PhD
Senior researcher, research fields: the usability of AI and NLP based cognitive search applications, the accountability of LEA and IC organisations and algorithm ethics




Katinka Bojnár
Researcher, research fields: new technologies and privacy, data protection online




Péter Lábody
Researcher, research fields: IP law and the internet, online identification of protected works, online models of alternative dispute resolution



Anita Molnár
Research Assistant




Kinga Sorbán
Researcher, research fields: investigation of cybercrime, role of intermediary services in surveillance tactics, corporate responsibility against cybercrime



Tamás Szikora
Researcher, research fields: democratic elections and social media, online protection of personality rights 




Balázs Bartóki-Gönczy, PhD
Researcher, research fields: space law, electronic communications law, new media law, personal data protection