Research projects

1. Questions of online liability
Participants: Arpad Rab, Peter Labody, Kinga Sorban, Tamas Szikora, Peter Nadori

2. Peculiarities of the social impact of infocommunication services in Hungary and Central Europe – empirical research
Participants: Bernat Torok, Arpad Rab, Zsolt Zodi, Peter Nadori, Kinga Sorban, Anita Molnar

3. Fundamental rights and prospects of national regulations in the online sphere
Participants: Bernat Torok, Zsolt Zodi

4. Legal challenges of applications of artificial intelligence
Participants: Zsolt Zodi, Arpad Rab, Bernat Torok, Andras Punkosty, Peter Labody

5. Prospects of regulation of algorithmic decision-making
Participants: Andras Punkosty, Bernat Torok

6. Regulatory issues of the sharing economy
Participants: Zsolt Zodi, Andras Punkosty

7. The role of the professional news media and the social media platforms in the information industry
Participants: Peter Nadori, Bernat Torok

8. The role of infocommunication services in surveillance
Participants: Kinga Sorban, Peter Labody

9. Legal and sociological aspects of outer-space related activities
Participants: Balazs Bartoki-Gonczy, Bernat Torok, Arpad Rab